Hi, I’m Jeff

Some people know me better as Spags. I’m a tenacious, fun-loving and energetic Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer who also enjoys moonlighting as a musician in the synthpop band Black Mansions.

Early on

I’m just your typical musician turned event producer turned Data Scientist. I spent years touring stages around the country as the drummer of a fulfilling but not so successful rock band. The relationships I forged in the music industry lead me to the opportunity to venture into event production and brand activation. After a few years, I found myself running large scale music festivals, film festivals, corporate evens, and brand activation events all over the country. Cut to Spring 2020 and, suddenly, the concept of working entirely on public gatherings of more than 25 people was put on hold indefinitely. I had been a lifelong data geek (you know…one of those annoying people always backing things up with numbers) and had long been interested in high level concepts like machine learning and AI. Suddenly, I had the time to really devote to it…


In July of 2020, I decided to take my love of data, peripheral knowledge of machine learning, and fledgling coding skills and see where it can take me. I enrolled in the full time Data Science Immersive Bootcamp at Flatiron School and began a whirlwind journey into coding and quite a bit of self discovery. I can now say that I’m a skilled practitioner of Data Science with skills in Python, Pandas, SQL, Numpy, scikit-learn, statsmodels, Tensorflow/Keras, Flask, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Data Visualization and many more technical aspects of the field. I have a particular interest in and a natural inclination for machine learning and deep learning, specifically neural networks dealing with Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.